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Why Is Estate Planning So Important?

Estate planning allows you to communicate your decisions and wishes for your family and friends when you are no longer able to do so. You create a gift of guidance for those you love. Leave a map, not a mess. With purposeful planning, you can remove huge burdens from your loved ones’ shoulders by giving them the details of how to proceed down the perfect path.

My goal is to incorporate the legal issues including estate tax concerns, trust administration, asset distribution and disability planning with the human emotional side of end of life decisions. I want to capture your voice and dreams as a lasting legacy. I take a collaborative approach to planning and will happily work with your current advisors or make a professional recommendation if needed. I want to provide my clients a comprehensive plan that looks at the big picture.

Small Business Transactions

Setting up and maintaining your small business can be daunting. My goal is to lead you down the right business path as you establish and grow your business. I use a holistic approach in counseling business owners in all aspects of creating and operating small businesses. My services include, but are not limited to entity choice formation, partnerships agreements, review of  contracts, leases and purchase options.

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